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Talia Entertains Campers on the Trail (

Her husband makes all the arrangements for his hotwife. For ACHE (Authors of Cuckold and Hotwife Erotica) on

This is an excerpt from Talia Goes Camping: A Hotwife Story, Book 3 of the Talia’s Hotwife Adventures series.

A busy spring had left Chad and Talia ready for a break. A fun weekend of camping and hiking was just what they needed. But when they came back to camp from the first day of hiking, six college guys had set up their own camps, surrounding them on all sides. As Talia returned from her needed relief, still listening to the college guys around the campfire, she wondered… they had been talking about a group thing, anyway! Then a voice rose above the chatter. It was her husband, standing next to the campfire. “Hey guys. Got a minute?” They all murmured sure. Chad took an offered beer. “Do any of you know what a hotwife is?”


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