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Sharing My Wife With My Roommates (Part 3)

My roommates have a constant flow of women into their rooms. Does my wife want to be one of them? For Tantalizing Tales on

After house hunting all day, my wife joins the guys on Saturday night, dressed only a nightgown, clearly bought for this occasion, that was both modest and lascivious at the same time. It covered everything, yet left no doubt she wore nothing underneath. I could see the shape of her trimmed pubic hair clearly through the material. Now it was just the three roommates, myself, and my half-naked wife, standing around the kitchen bar.

Her revealing clothes set me on fire as I noticed the guys trying to catch glimpses when they thought I wasn’t looking. That Saturday night, my wife seemed to come alive right in front of me… while teasing my roommates. My arousal didn’t care. I loved this brazen behavior in my wife. Loved the way she glowed with playfulness and want. After she went to bed, Tom warned me where this was going, that my wife wanted to be shared.


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