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Sharing My Wife With My Roommates (Part 1)

Moving for a job had me living temporarily with 3 single guys. The lifestyle they led surprised my wife. For Tantalizing Tales on

Taking a new job can always be stressful. In this case, to take a high-profile job in Dallas, heading up an entire division. Who would have thought it? Me, Kadon Smithson, a major business executive? Still shocks me. My wife, Sandy, stayed back in New Jersey to sell the house and allow our kids to finish the school year. Tom, a single friend from college, shared a large house in Dallas with 2 guys. He offered me a spare room during the transition. Four times during my stay with them, my wife visited to go house hunting with me. Nothing could have prepared her for the sexual lifestyle of my roommates, nor for the desire that rose from being the only woman in a house full of men. Our marriage would never be the same.


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