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NEW BOOK: My Wife Listens to a Different Melody with Him

This is the 2nd book in the THE EVOLUTION OF MARRIAGE | SEASON TWO series. All six books in the series are now available for sale or pre-order.

A GK Grayson First-Time Hotwife / Cuckold Story

My wife Brodie has always been an adoring fan of Cooper Bryan, the famous country singer. When I found out he was coming to town for a show, I surprised my wife with tickets. Front row seats!

Brodie is such a beauty that she caught Cooper’s attention during the show. He had a roadie invite us to meet him afterward in his dressing room, even though he knew she was with me.

Knowing how disappointed Brodie would be to turn down this opportunity and without knowing their intentions, I nervously gave my consent to take him up on his offer.

What are their expectations? If passions rise, will I be able to give my wife a free ‘backstage pass’ to explore her Cooper Bryan fantasy? How far will I be able to go before it becomes too far?

As we stood at his dressing room door, I discovered my own unfamiliar need to see them together. Would Cooper teach my wife to listen to a different melody without me?


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