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My Husband Has His Cherry Popped (Part 3) (

Travis liked the first rounds. Now Carl and I have plans for the big finish. The final instalment of a 3-part series for Tantalizing Tales, on

When I suggested we go to a drag show for my husband’s birthday, he didn’t know I had a secret plan with my gay friend, Carl. Travis and I had been experimenting with new kinks after 15 years of marriage. I was sure he would enjoy something out of the ordinary. I knew I would. The idea of watching him with Carl got me so hot I worried about myself! Carl delivered by dancing in his ‘Carmela’ persona, giving Travis the best blow job of his life, and by following us home, helping me dominate my submissive husband. Now, we are heading up to the bedroom for the big finish, using my husband any way we wanted! Nothing happened the way we planned. Emotions got in the way.


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