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Chasing Pleasure: An Erotic Collection

My first short story collection. Now live on your favorite digital bookseller!

9 wives who give in to their desires, and the husbands that love them.

When these couples chase their pleasure, they find it in many places. Sometimes, they find submission brings her intense pleasure. Other times, the arousal comes from the surprising circumstance of discovery. In others, both the husband and wife learn there are limits for each of them.

Come find your limits as you read about these couples chasing their own pleasure in this collection of erotic short stories.


Invitation to the Spa

My wife was getting more than her nails polished!

We Barely Made it to the Hotel Room

I couldn’t wait any longer for my first hotwife date to give me what I wanted.

Be Careful What You Want

For will surely get it.


Getting What She Deserves

This wife gets just the punishment she wants… and the reward.

Waiting for Him to Use Me

All the talking is done. He was ready to give me what I needed.

His New Pet

Her therapy session is not what I expected


Learning to Service My Hotwife

Catching her bull in the act leads to new desires

Two Old Guys Like to Play

A little harmless flirting turns into something more

Three Reduced to Two

After she found his enormous member, her husband’s became irrelevant.

A GK Grayson Short Story Collection


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