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BigPlay #1: Does it work? (

Labs are one thing. We had to know if BigPlay would work in the bedroom! A two-part series on This is an excerpt from my book, My Wife Loves BigPlay, where scientists Ryan Smithers and Sophia Rizzo discover a female aphrodisiac they come to call BigPlay. Getting it through the testing process is now the hard part. It is a standard axiom of lab life. Many new discoveries that work in the lab often turn out to be busts in the real world. It has to be tested. Going to senior management with a kooky idea of a drug that will deliver sexual desire to females seemed a stretch for both of them. A career ending stretch at that. Yet they had to know. This could be the breakthrough of the century! Against every rule that has governed their conduct since they became pharmaceutical researchers, Sophia volunteers to be the first test case.


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