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The New Employee is a Big Deal - BL
Sharing My Wife With My Roommates BL
Reliving My Story
The Hotwife Key Party BL
Loving My Best Friend's Wife
My Hotwife Inside

The Evolution of Marriage | Season One

My Wife Was His Friend With Benefits
My Wife Wants to Spice Things Up
I Asked My Wife to Cuckold Me
Traveling With My Hotwife
My Husband Shares Me With My Mistress
What Can I Say-Gangbang

This 6-book series examines the different paths couples take to push away the 'late married blues' and dull sex lives to find a fresh path. The results are often explosively erotic!

My Hotwife's Loving Surprise
My Hotwife Holiday Surprise BL

Hotwife Surprise series

It all started innocently enough. Neighbor Ray rescues Myra by repairing a leaking pipe in the kitchen. While making the repair, his gym shorts gaped open and Myra became obsessed with their well-endowed neighbor. ’Tis the season for gift giving, and this year’s gift might be the best present ever…

Page Becomes a Hotwife series

Page was a faithful, loving wife to Nick for ten years, not interested in another man until Taylor entered her life. Page’s husband Nick noticed she wanted Taylor. All she needed was a nudge to act. Nick’s surprising confession that he wants to be her Stag, encouraged her to make the leap.

Page Becomes a Hotwife
Page Wants More
My Hotwife Dilemma
My Hotwife Dilemma 2

Brynn's Need series

After a brief encounter in a bar, Cameron & Brynn discovered a new layer of desire. Cameron now has a hotwife dilemma. But will Brynn give him the choice?


Stacy Helps a Friend
Stacy Emerges
Stacy's Submission
Stacy Released
Sharing Stacy

Stan and Stacy had invited their friend Ethan for a threesome. What emerged from this was a New Stacy that wanted wilder, rougher and more frequent sex as each new experience took her to another level.

Talia Goes on Date
Talia Likes to be Shared
Talia Goes Camping
Talia Helps at Work
Talia Enjoys Free Use

Talia's Hotwife Adventures series

Talia discovers her husband wants her to become a hotwife. After meeting her first bull, she agrees. Adventures follow.

Nikki's Accident
Nikki's Hotwife Desire

Nikki's Desire series

Nikki was feeling regrets as she approached her 35th birthday. Then an accident at a club set in motion a new direction, with Nikki becoming a hotwife for her husband.

Catching A Big One series

I knew my wife liked large ‘tools’, almost from the day we got married. Now, in our mid-30s, I was looking for a way to jumpstart our torpid love life and remembered her desire for big. Maybe I could catch a big one for her to enjoy… for real this time.

Catching a Big One
A Hotwife Returns
From Hotwife to Escort 1
From Hotwife to Escort 2

Bree Likes to Play series

How Bree went from a local bank branch manager to a highly selective escort. What the heck? If she is going to be a hotwife anyway, might as well get paid for her efforts.

Being Set Free series

These husbands set their wives free to be the hotwife they want to be. Turns out, being a MILF to college boys was just wanted they wanted... as a start. Soon, that wasn't enough.

The three book series is available as a bundle, called Being Set Free.

MILF Set Free BL
MILF Set Free 2 BL
Eileen Set Free
Being Set Free Bundle
My Wife Loves BigPlay
My Wife & the BigPlay 5

BigPlay series

Ryan at BigLabs Pharma discovers a female aphrodisiac nicknamed BigPlay. His asst Sophia and wife Lily loved it. Becoming their cuckold was a tougher step.

Mentor series

Nora was a retiree glad to see a young couple moving in next door. When Ellie & Carter confided how the move impacted their relationship, Nora decided to mentor them both. Wild adventures followed. 

Mentoring Ellie
Becoming a Mentor
Chasing Pleasure
Invited to Paradise
Seduced By My Client
His Wife Wants to Be Shared
Finding My Inner Hotwife
My Professor Taught Me
My Wild Girlfriend
Whose Reunion Is This?
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