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Capturing Her Dreams: INCUBUS

An Erotic Horror Story

MILF Set Free 1

SERIES: Capturing Her Dreams (Book 1)

A GK Grayson Erotic Horror Story

Blakely’s husband Gavin loved the way she furnished their home, but felt it was a little too sterile. To soften her contemporary design with the warmth of wood, she brought home an antique mirror. Little did she know the mirror was a trap, imprisoning a 1,600-year-old incubus named Dagon.

The demon inside subtly intensifies her deeply hidden desires by controlling her dreams and presenting ever more graphic fantasies in the mirror. Inspirited by Dagon’s manipulations, she draws her husband and Aaron, the college student living next door, into her growing needs, not understanding the source.

Can Dagon deceive Blakely into giving herself to him completely… allowing him to escape his hellish prison by exchanging places, sacrificing her life in the process? Or will Gavin and Aaron figure out what is happening before it is too late?

The first of an exciting three-part series, ‘Capturing Her Dreams’.

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