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Capturing Her Dreams: CONTROL

An Erotic Horror Story

MILF Set Free 1

SERIES: Capturing Her Dreams (Book 2)

A GK Grayson Erotic Horror Story

Blakely’s husband did not know what to make of his wife’s strange behavior since bringing the mirror into their home. Her growing lustful demands, insistence of facing the mirror whenever they made love, or even her growing attraction for Aaron, the college boy next door, seemed out of character for the woman he thought he knew for the 25 years of their marriage.

Gavin knew the mirror was involved somehow, but did not know it had been used as a trap to imprison a 1,600-year-old incubus demon named Dagon.

Blakely knew. After multiple dreams fed by the demon, and being drawn into ever more graphic fantasies inside the mirror, Dagon had revealed his true nature to her.

Now, Blakely knows of the danger, but cannot resist the pull of the pleasure Dagon promises. Her husband unwittingly encourages her by revealing his hidden desire to see his wife with another man. He approves of her going with Aaron.

Dagon needs her to escape his hellish prison by exchanging places, sacrificing her life during the transition. The time has come to make the attempt.

Can Dagon deceive Blakely into giving herself to him completely? Or will Gavin and Aaron figure out what is happening before it is too late? 

The second installment in an exciting three-part series, ‘Capturing Her Dreams’.

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